The probably most beginner-friendly and most beautiful save-edit-tool with useful features
and nice gadgets for the ETS2 and ATS is waiting for you. Are you ready?

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Loved by hundreds of users and used daily, not without reason.

Useful features

With the versatile and partly unique features, no wish remains unfulfilled.
Our 17 features offer the right tool in any case.

Nice gadgets

Even if you don't want to intervene heavily in the game, we offer you a number of visual features, such as changing license plates or changing freight.

Easy to set up

Save editing doesn't have to be hard.
With our straightforward setup, we'll guide you step-by-step through the setup process.

Intuitive usage

The simple and intuitive design allows you to find your way around immediately.
The features are clearly structured and therefore easy to understand.

Modern design

We not only convince with our features, but also set new standards in design.
This all makes the Truck-Simulator-Tools to a coherent program.

Many options

Are you into customization? Then you will surely like the dark mode, the possibility to change the order of the features and our other settings.

All features

Over 17 features in one program. Free and without ads.


Change vehicle

Vehicle recovery

Refuel vehicle


Change freight

Change weight

Customize license plate


Teleport to waypoint

Share position*

Share waypoints*

Change destination

Important places


Modify money

Modify XP

Modify level

Unlock everything

Discover all roads

Change profile name

*Sharing this data is only possible with other TST users


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Tested on Windows 7, 10 and 11.

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